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The Mathematics curriculum ensures that each student gains a solid foundation and an understanding of math as it applies in the practical world and in abstract thinking.  Using higher order thinking skills, students solve multi-step word problems through writing, illustrating and building.  Resources used are McGraw Hill’s My Math and Glencoe Math Course I, Course II, Course III, supplemented by Sadlier-Oxford Fundamentals of Algebra and Regents Algebra I.

In kindergarten to second grade, students learn addition and subtraction, graphing, measuring, working with geometric shapes and arrays through the use of manipulatives, iPad applications, group work and centers.  

Third to eighth graders are taught by mastered math teachers.  The emphasis shifts from basic computation to problem solving and critical thinking, while working with fractions, decimals, area, perimeter, algebra and geometry.  Accelerated math classes are offered to qualified students from fourth to eighth grade.