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Faculty & Staff

Administration & Staff Position
Ms. Mary Larkin Principal
Ms. Rosalie Savarese Assistant Principal
Ms. Anna Sakalis Development Director
Ms. Karen Guzzardo P/T Development Assistant
Ms. Ana Zuck Director of Admissions & H.S. Placement
Mr. Thomas Clarke Communications/School Data Info./Transportation
Drs. G. Pilcer/J. Halle School Psychologists
Ms. Judith Maturah Health Office
Ms. Carmen Cedeño Administrative Assistant
Ms. Christine Oehler Office Manager
Ms. Evelyn Rodriguez Executive Asst. to the Principal
Mr. James Daly Security Director/Facilities Manager
Mr. Frank Rivero Security
Faculty Member Class/Role
Ms. Elizabeth Nicoletta, Ms. Joanna Keating K-1
Ms. Delia Murray, Ms. Robin Wilde K-2
Ms. Elizabeth Goetz, Ms. Megan Curley 1-1
Ms. Jayne Packard, Ms. Ariana Cocucci 1-2
Ms. Kelly Bigsby 2-1
Ms. Mary Horgan 2-2
Ms. Anne Spiess 3-1
Ms. Stephanie Vincent 3-2
Ms. Jessica Callaghan, Ms. Mary Reid-Francisco 4-1
Ms. Maeve Mulholland 4-2
Ms. Andrea Bustros 5-1
Ms. Jessica Chacon 5-2
Ms. Miriam Gartland 6-1
Ms. Meghan Sanchez-Peña 6-2
Ms. Sharka Zoha 7-1
Mr. Mark Alizzi  7-2
Ms. Adeline Reilly 8-1
Ms. Aisling Clancy 8-2
Sr. Seton Maltell, RSM Assoc. Teacher K-3
Mr. Raul Socorro Science K-8
Ms. Jessica Gusheé Math Specialist K-5
Mr. Joe Brenner Accelerated Math 6-8
Mr. Dennis Sullivan Latin 4-8, Athletic Director
Ms. Jean-Marie Donoghue Technology K-8
Ms. Amy Bautista Library Grades K-3
Ms. Linda Valenti Library Grades 4-8
Mr. David Meador Art K-8
Ms. Emily Hudson Music K-8
Mr. John Mills Phys. Ed., K-8
Ms. Julie Newman Grammar 6-8
Ms. Julia Bradford Reading Specialist
Ms. Olivia Starr ELA Specialist Grades 3-6